One of the most important things to know when creating a new lawn is the final cost. That’s why the Turfonline website makes it easy for you to compare turf prices per square metre.

turf prices per square metre

Why do turf prices per square metre vary?

The turf market is a strange place. There are more types and grades of turf than you can shake a stick at. Lots of suppliers too. And turf prices per square metre don’t seem to make much sense. In this blog we’ll try to explain why turf prices vary and how to get best value for money for your particular project.

Turf types and prices

There are a lot of different types of turf. At Turfonline we keep things simple by offering 4 types of lawn turf and five types of wildflower turf. We’ll look at wildflower turf in a separate blog.

The four types of turf all come with the same level of service and are delivered in the same way. The difference lies in the way they are grown.

bowling green made from fine turf
Fine turf is frequently used to create smooth, free-running playing surfaces like this bowls green

Royal Greens Turf

Royal Greens Turf has the highest price per square metre of all the turf types available from Turfonline. That’s because it has received the highest amount of TLC to get it ready for sale.

Fine turf – the sort you find on bowling greens and ornamental lawns – is slower to grow than some seed blends. So it’s been growing in the field for longer. It also needs more frequent mowing, more feeding and rigorous disease control. In other words, it costs us more to bring Royal Greens turf to maturity than it does for our more robust turf types like Jubilee or Garden Lawn.

Shadesman Turf

Shadesman is a relative newcomer to the turf market. It’s grown from a grass species called Supranova poa supine.  Supranova poa supine has been bred from a wild alpine grass which is adapted to living underneath thick snow for much of the year. So it’s happy in sun, shade, frost and heat.

It’s taken 20 years of careful breeding to bring this grass to the standard required for lawn making. It doesn’t look like the meadow grass it was developed from, it’s resistant to common lawn diseases and can cope with regular mowing. 20 years of research and development plus the time taken to increase seed stocks enough for commercial turf growing are all reflected in the price of the seed.

We do expect Shadesman to become more cost effective as the years go by, but right now, this brilliant new plant technology comes with a price. We think it’s worth it though.  Shadesman turf is cheaper to maintain and care for than trying to grow standard turf in conditions it’s not suited to.

Garden Lawn Turf

Our least expensive turf is good value for money. Garden Lawn turf makes a durable lawn and is ideal for a garden for children and/or pets.

Jubilee Turf

When it comes to turf prices per square metre, you’ll go a long way to find better value for money. The quality of this turf is superb. It’s grown from seed varieties that have been tested by the STRI for disease resistance, wear tolerance and coping well with fairly close mowing.

Boy and dog on lawn
Small boys and dogs – a challenging duo for any lawn. If you have either of these, make sure your lawn contains tough grass species like perennial rye and smooth stalked meadow grass

Suitable for a family lawn or an ornamental lawn, this adaptable turf is easy going when it comes to maintenance and, more importantly, It’s relatively easy to handle and install.

Reducing turf prices per square metre

When you start digging deep on the Turfonline website, you’ll see that all of the prices advertised are prefixed by the word “from”. That’s because we can make your turf cheaper if you are able to order larger quantities.

Turf haulage is costed by the pallet. It doesn’t matter how much turf is on the pallet, the price is the same. So it costs the same to deliver 15 square metres as it does to deliver 55 square metres. Naturally that means that the turf prices per square metre for 55 square metres are considerably less than for 15 square metres.

Your turf prices per square metre are affected by order size as well as turf type.

How do I know what my turf will cost?

The simplest way to find out what your turf delivery will cost is to use our online turf calculator.  Fill in your lawn’s measurements and select a shape. You will instantly be shown a quote for each of the turf types.

There may be a small extra charge for haulage – depending where you are in the country and when you would like your turf delivered.

Select your turf type and then fill in your postcode and select a delivery date to see what the final cost will be.

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