It’s easy to find turf for sale online, but how do you know it will be good quality? Some helpful pointers in this blogpost.

Where to find turf for sale

A simple internet search will bring up a whole list of turf retailers. Some offer turf for sale online, some give contact details so that you can order on the phone. Others hold turf in stock so that you can collect it. Which is best?

Garden Centre Turf

Garden centres and DIY outlets are great.  You can see the turf for sale before you load it into your vehicle. You can also buy any turfing sundries you might need – hosepipes, sprinklers etc. Stores tend to have turf deliveries once or twice a week. If you have a favourite gardening centre that you want to buy from, ask which day their turf will be delivered. Make sure you collect on that day.

some garden centres offer turf for sale
Garden Centres are great places to buy small quantities of turf. If you only need a few rolls, you’ll find it’s cheapest and easiest to nip down to the garden centre or to B&Q to collect what you need. Just be sure the turf is fresh though.

It’s vital that your turf is as fresh as possible. If it’s been on a pallet for a couple of days, trust me, you won’t be happy with your new lawn. Not even if the turf is severely discounted. No amount of money off can restore vigour to half-dead grass.

Local Turf Growers

The fresher turf is when it arrives on your doorstep, the better the chances of it establishing successfully. If it’s not had far to travel it should be super fresh. However, when it comes to turf quality, fresh is not the only thing you need to think about. General quality matters too. Before you buy, it’s a good idea to ask friends, family or nearby gardening professionals if they’ve tried local turf and what they thought of it. That will give you a good idea about the quality of their products.

The biggest thing to look out for with smaller local turf growers is price. As with most things, bigger Companies sometimes seem to be able to offer lower prices. Personally I’m a big fan of locally produced everything, but sometimes it just doesn’t fit with my budget. So shop around. Check prices online and ask questions over the phone to make sure you have a like-for-like comparison.

Turf For Sale Online

Online turf retailers usually offer the best prices. They’re also pretty good at logistics and getting deliveries done cost-effectively. You probably won’t be able to see samples before placing your order so read the online reviews, ask around and choose wisely.

turf for sale online
Buying turf online is simple and quick. Some sites even let you choose your delivery day

Checking Turf Quality

In my local store there are at least 3 brands of digestive biscuits. (Stay with me, it’ll make sense in a moment). The cheapest brands look like good value when they’re on the shelf. I bought some once. They weren’t all that tasty and they very quickly disintegrated when dunked in my tea. The expensive biscuit brand came in a lovely box but I can’t justify spending all that money. The mid-range tick all the boxes for me. I just wish they came without calories – but that’s another story.

What I’m trying to say is that you will find a LOT of different types of turf for sale. Not all of them will suit your budget or your needs. If you buy the wrong biscuits your mistake will cost you a couple of quid and you might even be able to get a refund. Order the wrong turf and unless it’s actually faulty and you can prove it was faulty at the time of delivery, you’re stuck with it (and the bill!).

What to look for when buying turf

Do not choose turf based solely on price-point. Price is important but it’s not always a measure of what’s best for your particular project.

Ask the grower if he grows to a particular quality standard and what that standard means for you as a customer.  Does it cover roll strength? Grass species? Weeds? Plant coverage? Weight? Roll size? Product health?

Learn about types of turf and choose the one best suited to your garden and your lawn maintenance regime.

Turf selection tools like this one are helpful if you’re browsing outside of office hours

turf selection tool

If you can – talk directly to the grower (some online retailers grow their own turf). Explain what you need and ask for recommendations.

Take notice of online reviews. Look for comments on independent review sites and on Social Media Sites.

Turf Quality Standards for Turfonline is the website for Harrowden Turf Ltd, the UK’s largest turf producer.  Our turf is grown in Lancashire and in East Anglia so that we can deliver quickly to almost any part of mainland England, Scotland and Wales.

As a matter of policy, Harrowden Turf are continually monitoring turf quality and working to improve it. So they actively encourage customer feedback. We don’t try to hide bad reviews either. All of our online reviews are gathered and published by an independent company. We can’t tweak them at all.

As I write, my team mates are preparing to go on a refresher course to learn about the TGA Quality Standard and how to judge if turf is up to scratch or not. I’ll let you know how they got on in another blog.

We are proud to be members of the Turfgrass Growers Association and aim to produce turf at TGA Standard or higher. Without wanting to sound big-headed the reviews on our website suggest that we’re doing OK at the moment. We’re never complacent though. It’s important to us that ALL of our customers from the littlest garden to the biggest landscape contractors are 100% happy 100% of the time.

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