When you buy turf, you want the best possible quality and the smoothest delivery. Make sure that happens by asking your turf supplier these five questions.

Question 1: Does your turf meet the TGA Standard?

The TGA Standard is a nationally recognised standard for turf quality in the UK. It asks growers to check their turf for health, sward purity, roll strength and roll weight. It’s a practical and measurable way to make sure you get what you are paying for.

Sometimes turf doesn’t quite meet the standard. That’s usually because the weather is wet which makes rolls heavier and weaker.  If that’s the case, the turf will still make a beautiful lawn but you might need to be mindful of the roll strength while you’re working with it.

Turf harvester driver Dan Touchin identifying and recording the species present in a roll of turf. All of Harrowden Turf’s production, harvesting, sales and despatch staff have been trained in turf quality assessment

Oft times, budget grade turf doesn’t claim to meet the TGA standard.  Again, that doesn’t mean it won’t establish well and create a strong lawn. But, so you know what to expect, you can talk to your turf supplier to get more details.

Ask to see a TGA assessment – if your turf supplier is a member of the turfgrass growers association, they will most likely be able to email you a copy.

If quality standards are important to you. Your turf supplier should be able to supply a TGA certificate for your consignment. There may be a moderate charge for this – so check first.

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Question 2: What kind of vehicle do you deliver on?

It’s important to know what sort of vehicle to expect when your turf is delivered. Particularly if access to your property is restricted.

Many turf suppliers use a national pallet delivery service to distribute their products. It’s more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective to do so. What that means for the buyer is that their turf is competitively priced but it is likely to be delivered on a big lorry.

turf delivery lorry
Turf tends to be delivered on articulated lorries – unless the buyer gives us fair warning of any access problems

Always ask your turf supplier what sized vehicle they use. If there are a lot of parked cars on your road, the road is narrow, there are low bridges or parking restrictions, the delivery firm needs to know ASAP so that they can make sure they use the best vehicle for the job.


Question 3: Do you unload the turf for me or will I need to handball it off the lorry?

When you buy from Turfonline, your turf will be delivered and unloaded as close to your property as possible. We call that kerbside delivery.

Every single one of the vehicles we use carries either a forklift or a pallet truck. Unless that is, you are a commercial customer and you tell us that you have a forklift on site.

Your turf will be unloaded for you but it cannot be lifted over hedges or gates. Neither can our drivers handball the turf to where you want it to be. They may or may not put it on your driveway for you – that’s down to the driver’s discretion.

Please don’t embarrass our drivers by asking them to carry turf round to your back garden.

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Question 4: How long will your turf last rolled up?

The answer to this question will help you to plan your project. It’s always as well to check with the supplier, they have the experience to know how their products are likely to behave in different weather conditions. If you are told that your turf will need to be laid immediately after delivery, then it’s wise to make sure all the ground preparation is done before your new lawn is dropped off.

We advise all of our customers to lay their turf on the day it is delivered.  In summer time, it’s essential that turf is not left rolled up – it will deteriorate very quickly and you will be very disappointed with the results.

In winter time, you have a little more leeway.  Provided it’s kept cool and stored somewhere airy and well ventilated you can leave your turf rolled up for 24-48 hours after delivery.

Question 5: What happens if I’m not happy with my turf delivery?

Every turf supplier has a slightly different complaints procedure. But please remember that the consumer laws for perishable goods (like turf) are very different to the laws for non-perishable items like electrical goods or clothing. Any problems with turf must be reported within a few hours of delivery.

As soon as you notice something you’re not 100% happy with, contact the team at Turfonline.  Outside of office hours, send us an email with photographs attached and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The team at Turfonline are always as helpful as they can be and they genuinely welcome your feedback.  On the odd occasion when things don’t go quite to plan, we work with customers to correct our mistakes.

How to contact the Turfonline team