We’re very proud to announce that our parent Company (Harrowden Turf Ltd) will be exhibiting at the Futurescape Show this month. Find out more in this blogpost.

About Futurescape

Futurescape is one of the big events in the landscaping calendar. This is an exhibition where anyone involved in the landscape industry can come along to see what’s new and discuss industry issues. The best thing about it, is that provided you work in the landscape trade, you can get into the exhibition for free.


This year the seminar program includes subjects as diverse as lighting, plant diseases, arboriculture, staff development, wild flowers, business growth and digital marketing.

Exhibitors will be showcasing products such as machinery, seeds, safety equipment, plants, soils, fencing, drainage, artificial turf, natural turf, wildflower turf, play equipment and much much more.

Harrowden Turf at Futurescape

The Futurescape show takes place on 14th November at Sandown Racecourse. Kev and Mark will be representing Harrowden Turf on stand 129.

You’ll be able to spot Harrowden’s stand quite easily. Not only are Kevin and Mark very colourful characters, the distinctive purple and white livery and fresh green products make the stand very hard to miss.

On show will be Harrowden’s 3 core products; Enviromat, Meadowmat and Turf.

Enviromat Sedum Matting

Enviromat continues to be a staple product for Harrowden. It’s a pregrown mat of mixed sedum plants that can be used to create ground cover or small green roofs.

Harrowden have been producing Enviromat for 14 years. In that time they’ve seen the market for green roofing materials grow stronger and stronger. It’s fair to say that Harrowden (then Q Lawns) were amongst the pioneers of small green roofs in the UK. The Enviromat brand is well known amongst landscapers and garden designers.

If you’re yet to see Enviromat “in the flesh”, Futurescape is the ideal opportunity for you to do so. It will most likely have its winter coat on. In November, the foliage starts to change its appearance from lush green to a more reserved ruby red colour. The texture though is stunning and there may even be a few blooms left for you to see. What you see on the day all depends on the weather in the runup to the show.

Meadowmat wild flower turf

Meadowmat is one of our showstopper products. It’s just beautiful! Each variety of Meadowmat is distinctively different, yet the principal is just the same. A mix of flowering plants and grasses are established in a thin layer of growing material. It looks and handles a bit like lawn turf but the maintenance and the visual effect are completely different.

Use Meadowmat wherever a design calls for naturalistic planting and/or low maintenance. It can be installed onto green roofs, in planters, beds or in swathes. Famous Meadowmat projects include St James’ Park in London and Violet’s Garden in the Midlands.

Natural Lawn Turf

Our core product. Don’t let anyone tell you that turf is just turf. It’s not. Turf varies greatly from grower to grower.

The teams at Harrowden Turf’s production farms have been producing quality amenity lawn turf for almost 60 years. I’ve worked with them for over 20 years and know that there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience gone into developing a great quality product for a sensible price.

Come along to the stand to see samples of turf, pick them up, compare them to the turf you’re using at the moment. And, if you like our turf, you can chat to Kev and Mark about prices in your area.

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