In this review of the year we take a look at just some of the memorable events that helped shape 2017.

This year (2017) seems to have flown by. The Company has supplied turf, Meadowmat and Enviromat to some amazing projects. As well as that, I’m proud to say that we’ve supported various charities throught the year. And even better, there are some new additions to the Harrowden Team.  Here, in brief, is our review of the year.

Review the reviews

The Turfonline website has been busier than ever and we’ve had some lovely testimonials from our customers

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Winter 2016- 2017

Our lorries received a facelift to reflect Harrowden Turf’s*  new branding.  Have you seen any of them out on the road this year?

One of the new designs for Harrowden Turf’s lorries

Winter is always our quietest time of year so we took the opportunity to do some staff training. Our customer services teams met and chatted to experts and learned more about helping customers to choose and use our products.

Landscape Contractor Warwick Taylor completed a massive project on the Norfolk Coast using our Garden Lawn Turf. Landscapers worked quickly to lay 17,000 square metres of turf  at the Pinewoods Holiday Park at Wells next Sea. Work was carried out during the winter months while the park was closed to holidaymakers. This was logistically quite difficult, even though the site was relatively close to our turf production farm at Feltwell, the weather was unhelpful to say the least.  And our skills were tested as we tried to deliver turf at the same speed as the landscapers were laying it.

new turf mower being delivered
These mowers were delivered to Turfonline’s Southport farm.

In March, the production team took delivery of a new set of mowers. It’s the quality of the mowing that helps determine the quality of the turf we despatch. Every piece of machinery is an investment and we aim to buy the best  and maintain it to the highest standards.

Spring 2017

As the weather warmed up, interest in all of our products began to increase and the customer service teams got busier and busier.  The training we had earlier in the year really helped our newer team members to answer customers’ questions quickly and accurately.

In May, we published an inspirational garden design booklet. If you’ve not seen a copy of it yet, you can download it here.

violets garden
Violets Garden in Litchfield is a clever combination of places for quiet contemplation and play areas to meet the needs of every grieving family member

Harrowden Turf supplied lawn turf and Meadowmat wildflower turf to Violet’s garden in late May. The memorial garden in Litchfield is a fitting tribute to young Violet Mornington who  passed away aged just 5. The garden gives grieving families a place to reflect over and celebrate the lives of lost children.

More about Violets Garden

Summer 2017

Nearly all of our products featured in high profile show gardens over the summer.

News from this summers gardening shows

In August, Sales Exectutive Mark Gurney got involved in a project to create a wheelchair friendly garden for Maisie.  Maisie is an incredible young lady whose mobility has been severely affected by a brain tumor. However, she refuses to let that stop her from enjoying the outdoors as you’ll see in this video.

August also saw the refurbishment of part of the Glasgow Green Park in Scotland.  Our  Edinburgh depot delivered 3,800 square metres of garden lawn turf to the site.

Autumn/Winter 2017

A time for trade shows, training and TV.

The sales teams travelled to the Landscape Show in Battersea in September and then to the Futurescapes show in November. Each of these shows gives Harrowden staff an opportunity to meet garden designers and landscapers. Live samples of our products were on show so that landscape professionals could handle them, ask questions and more importantly, tell us about their own projects.

It was at the Landscape show that we learned about this amazing project using turf, Enviromat and Meadowmat to totally transform a garden in Cambridgeshire.

cambridgeshire garden
Cambridgeshire garden created by Xscapes Ltd. Enviromat was used to edge the paths whilst Meadowmat softened the planting beside the pond. Read more in this blog

As part of our continuing commitment to community projects, we donated some turf to the Mark Bolan Music Project who were building a memorial bandstand at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice in Barnet. The bandstand and garden provide sick children and their families with a relaxing outdoor space where they can enjoy music therapy.

Turf harvester driver Dan Touchin identifying and recording the species present in a roll of turf.

42 members of staff across the sales, production and harvesting teams completed an intensive course in understanding turf quality.  The course was led by Robert Laycock who is an independent turf agronomist. Delegates learned about the importance of good quality and requirements of the TGA quality standard for turf. As well as identification of grass species and how to measure and record each element of turf quality.

Robert Allen, our Meadowmat Production Manager announced an improved seedmix for Cottage Garden Meadowmat. This updated version of one of the five Meadowmat types contains just 5% grass species and is even more colourful than it was before.

TV appearances

Our Managing Director, Stuart Ridd-Jones has added “TV Presenter” to his skillset. Stuart was spotted on the Ceebeebies program “down on the farm” explaining turf to toddlers.

Looking forward to 2018

We’re looking forward to helping you create the very best garden you can. We’ll continue to invest in our staff and our infrastructure. Customers can expect to see even better quality in our products because we’ve made changes to the way we grow our turf. And with the help of Richard Boyson, our Group Haulage Manager, deliveries should become even more efficient.

If you are working with a community project that could benefit from any of Turfonline’s products in 2018. Why not get in touch.  We have reserved a quantity of turf, Meadowmat and Enviromat to help deserving causes achieve their dreams.  Our team will consider projects on a first come first served basis.

*Turfonline is the online information and shopping centre for Harrowden Turf Ltd